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Brand registration

Sign up Amazon brand registry it’ s not just a protection for the brand owner against any frauds, but it gives also the chance to create A+ contents and stores to give more visibility to the band and the product.


Marketing campaigns creation

Manage customers reviews

As you probably know, the product reviews and the seller feedback are fundamental during the buying process and have a massive impact on each keywords that we use. Our mission is to gain a lot of reviews with the maximum score.


Positioning and Sales

Content creation

We research the best keywords combination in terms of search volume and pertinence. We also create an optimized text for SEO for Amazon, and by doing so, we can give more visibility to the product that you want to sell.


Image editing


The product images capture the users attention and push them to buy the product. We check the high quality of the picture, and we make sure that every single detail is visible for the users.

Sign up for Amazon Prime


Amazon is the best in terms of costs and  effectiveness. In addiction, the Prime logo, gives the chance to reach more users and make your work easier. We will guide you step by step to use this service.

Using Amazon Advertising nowadays is very important ,because of the increasing of the competitors on the marketplace. If you don't know how to use Amazon ADV you will spend a lot of money without any results. That’s why, our job is to creating, checking and improving these marketing campaigns every single day.


Creation of Promos


The Pay per Click campaigns are just one of the tools that we can use to sponsor your brand. There are also other different ways to increase the products sales on Amazon, and we know exactly how to use them.

Catalogue creation


The first step is create a product detail page, where we allocate the right product category, with all the principal informations to avoid any future problems.

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